The Blueprint was established with the goal of connecting ideas with synergistic business partners. 



We provide a platform where entrepreneurs with new technological ideas or established businesses can meet experienced professionals and investors in order to exchange management know how, discover new opportunities and reach their full growth potential. We have the experience and comprehensive International Network to encourage innovations and growth of technological businesses, and believe that each idea can be transformed into viable business opportunities with the allocation of available resources.
Through our comprehensive network and expertise, built over many years, we are able to assist the transformation of ideas into technological solutions and develop established companies into successful businesses.






Andy Morris 

Andy Morris founded The Blueprint in order to assist and help entrepreneurs like himself in the technology sector.

Andy has an extensive experience and over the last 15 years he has worked with both early stage and growth-equity investments in a variety of industries including financial services, technology, digital media, telecommunications and luxury resort development.

In the past three years Andy has developed international projects in the Real Estate sector. He is a global strategic partner of one of the largest real estate associations in the world – FIABCI, The International Property Federation. As аn entrepreneur with experience in global investment and market advisory companies, Andy currently works with clients in 70 countries all over the world, with organizations including government authorities, NGOs, private equity funds, multinational corporations, commercial development organizations and international banks and finance agencies.

Maho Sido

Maho is responsible for The Blueprint’s strategy formulation and execution. He works closely with the management team in setting objectives in order to achieve the company’s short and long term goals. He plays important role in building the culture and defining the values within the organization.

Katya Haralampieva
Managing Director

Katya is in charge of handling all HR projects and activities, including finding the next Blueprint’s qualified and valued member, but in the same time succeed to keep our office and processes well organized and managed. Also her smile brings a joy to the start of every working day.

Milena Petrova
General Manager

Milena’s perfect organizational skills and quality control leads to a really good managed workflow and strictly kept deadlines. She is in charge of processes’ improvements as well as team members’ expertise development. She doesn’t hesitate to accept any challenge!

Jasen Dimitrov
Business Development

Jasen is focused on the sustainable growth of the company and the relationships with new potential clients and partners. Very determined and energetic his goal is to bring success in any given initiative that comes in front of the company.

Liliya Kokareshkova

Lilly is our Marketing bee. She manages the marketing mix of The Blueprint and is always coming up with new ideas and initiatives. She finds creative ways to tell Blueprint’s stories and keeps our graphic designers fully engaged in order to make our digital channels valuable and inspiring.

Denis Buchel
Graphic Designer

Denis’ long and impressive experience as a professional Photographer is the added value to Blueprint’s services. If you check his work, you will be astonished by the depth, sense and beauty of his art pieces. They say “Learn a new language and get a new soul”. Denis speaks 4 languages. Imagine how rich he is!

Desislava Georgieva
Graphic Designer

Desi is our Illustrator master. She is always searching for our process improvements and new challenges. Her willingness to assist and focus on the details contribute to amazing graphic and art results! She brings the gold standard for time management in the team. She is our informal Chief Happiness Officer.

Dimo Dimov
Graphic Designer

Dimo is our Photoshop expert and idea generation engine. He also loves photography and the time spent with his camera in the nature. He thrives on being constantly challenged and he does not give up easily until he finds the best solution. His true passion is the Music. We have an in-house Hip Hop Artist.

Angel Stamatov
Graphic Designer

Angel is our next graphic designer and Photoshop master. Just give him a  task and a tablet for drawing and he will create a work, which will dazzle you! Like his hobby – “wall rock climbing”, he doesn’t like the routine, but admires the new ideas and different creative approach. Also he sets a really good example to us as he comes to work by bike.